Machining services and projects for the hydroelectric industry

Hydroelectric power is one of today’s primary energy sources. In recent decades Telleria has specialised in the machining of turbine components for hydroelectric projects based on customer-supplied design.

Pelton Runners »

Entirely CNC machined up to a maximum diameter of 3m, starting from a forged disc.

Francis Runners »

Completely welded and balanced Francis and Pump Type runners up to 3 m of diameter. We also manufacture bands, crowns and blades ready for assembly.

Kaplan Blades »

CNC machined Kaplan blades together with their corresponding hub, hood, and internal mechanism.

Wicket gates »

Straight and conical guide vanes finished and drilled and reamed together with the lever.

Other components »

Hubs, bands, crowns, levers, stay vanes, rings, labyrinths, nozzles, needles, mouthpieces, hoods, crossheads and so on.