At Telleria, we manage projects related to machining. The company covers a variety of industries such as automotive, equipment, energy, machinery, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, valves, railways, aeronautics…

In Telleria, we can manage projects in all of these industries, complying with the quality standards of our customers, ranging from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, welding, NDT… to the final delivery of the goods to their destination.

Services and projects for the Hydroelectric Industry

At Telleria we manage machining projects that are demanded by the hydroelectric industry.

Sector hidroeléctrico
Sector Naval

Machining projects management for the marine industry based on the design provided by the customer.

Telleria specializes in machining of components for marine propulsion systems such as rotors, propellers and others.

Services and projects for the Aeronautics Industry

At Telleria we work together in the manufacture of tools for the aeronautical industry.

Sector Aeronaútica

Services and projects for the Automotive Industry

We manufacture serial parts for local automotive partners.

Services and projects for other industries

At Telleria, we also work for other industries such as: equipment, railway, nuclear, marine/shipbuilding…