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The technical department of the company is equipped with the most advanced CAD-CAM software (up to 5 axis) for the handling and programming of complex shapes and profiles to ensure the optimum performance of the design and the machining accuracy.


Machining capacities (Machinery List)


  • Milling: up to X9000, Y3500, Z1500
  • Turning:
    • Vertical Lathes: up to D.3200x1600
    • Horizontal Lathes: up to D.1250 x 5700


The quality of our products and the fulfilment of our customers' specifications are verified by dimensional controls and non-destructive tests. Thus, our quality department is equipped with measuring devices such as callipers, micrometers, laser Traker, as well as ultrasonic and magnetic particle equipments. Besides, TIG and MIG welding equipments are available.


Our ISO9001 certificate.




ISO14001 certificate.

OHSAS18001 certificate.

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