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Talleres Mecánicos Telleria S.A. manages projects related to the machining world. The company covers several sectors such as automotive, industrial equipment, energy, machinery, petrochemical, shipbuilding, valve sector, railway, aerospace and so on.


  • Machining of short series:
    Machining of individual or short series of pieces under drawing and specifications.
  • Machining of large series:
    Serial machining of: shafts, spindles, axles, hubs, bushings and so on, especially for automotive sectors.
  • Aerospace:
    Components for aeronautics industry.
  • Hydropower:
    Manufacture of turbine components for hydropower projects according to the designs provided by our customers (Pelton runners, Francis runners, Hubs and Kaplan blades, Wicket Gates and related elements).

TMTelleria has resources for:
- Purchasing of the raw material (forge, cast, rolled material, etc.)
- Process engineering (5 axis CAD-CAM solutions)
- Machining means: turning, milling and drilling
- Geometrical and dimensional control of pieces
- TIG/MIG welding
- NDT: VT, UT, LP and MT
- Superficial protection coatings
- Heat treatments
- Static and dynamic balancing
- Sandblasting and painting of pieces
- Packaging and transport



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