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Machining of short series:
Machining of individual or short series of pieces according to drawing specifications.


Large series:
Serial machining of: shafts, spindles, axles, hubs, bushings, etc, especially for automotive sectors. Video robot


Manufacturing of components for aeronautics industry.


TMTelleria manufactures turbine components for hydropower projects according to the designs provided by our Customers.


We can provide our customers with:


  • Pelton runners
    Completely CNC machined pelton runners, up to 3m of diameter, starting from forged disks.

  • Francis runners
    Completely welded and balanced Francis and Pump-Type runners up to 3m of diameter. We also manufacture bands, crowns and blades ready for assembly.

  • Kaplan blades
    Finished CNC machined Kaplan blades delivered together with the hub, hood and internal mechanism.

  • Wicket gates
    Straight and conical wicket gates drilled together with the lever.

  • Related elements
    Hubs, bands, levers, stay vanes, labyrinths, rings, nozzles, needles, mouthpieces, hoods, etc.


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